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The Vape Crusader Get Bars in Milk & Honey deliver professional-level vaping in a convenient, disposable form. Each device contains 13ml of liquid, good for up to 5000 puffs, and is designed to provide a smooth, consistent experience with every draw. Perfect for experienced vapers on the go.

Introducing Milk and Honey Vape Crusader Get Bars Disposable Vape! Looking for a great flavor with long-lasting performance in a compact, easy-to-use design? Milk and Honey Get Bars are perfect for you.

With a rich creamy milk flavor that is just sweetened by those delightful honey notes, the taste will keep you coming back again and again. And with an estimated 5000 puff count and 13mL vape juice capacity, it’s clear that satisfaction is guaranteed from this high-end disposable vape device.

Plus, the Mesh Coil System of the device provides superior flavor and serious vapor production for a truly enhanced vaping experience on par with larger devices. Additionally, the 650mAh battery offers hours of use before needing to recharge via USB-C—so no matter when you feel ready to take your next step up in vaping needs, our Milk and Honey Vape Crusader Get Bars are surely up to the challenge!

Flavor Profile: Milk & Honey

  • 13ml eliquid for approximately 5000 puffs
  • Mesh coil
  • 650mAh rechargeable internal battery
  • Type-C fast charging
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Size: 13ml

Size: 13ml

Nicotine: 50mg

Nicotine: 50mg

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